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Trading Hours

Normal Trading Hours
Monday to Friday: 09h00 – 18h00
Saturdays: 09h00 – 17h00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 09h00 – 16h00
Festive Trading Hours
30 November-15 December Mondays to Fridays: 09h00-18h00 (Optional trade till 19h00)
Saturdays : 09h00-17h00 (Optional trade till 18h00)
Sundays : 09h00-16h00 (Optional trade till 17h00)
16 December (Day of Reconciliation): 09h00-16h00
19-23 December 09h00-19h00
24 December (Christmas Eve): 09h00-16h00
25 December (Christmas Day): hristmas Day (Optional trade)
26 December: 09h00-16h00
27 December (Public Holiday): 09h00-16h00
28-29 December: 09h00-18h00 (Optional trade till 19h00)
30 - 31 December: 09h00-16h00
31 December: 09h00-16h00
January 2017 Extended Trading Hours
1 January: Optional trade
2 January: 09h00-16h00
3 January: 09h00-19h00